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Our team of cleaning technicians are ready to help with a variety of pressure washing projects on residential or commercial properties.

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Residential Pressure Washing

Our professional cleaning team is ready to rejuvenate your decks, fences, and patios for your summertime enjoyment.

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Commercial Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing services for all sizes of commercial exterior cleaning projects and needs.

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Contact us today for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you!

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AC Pressure Washing LLC

Professional residential and commercial pressure washing services

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We are dedicated to delivering professional cleaning and friendly customer care for an exceptional customer experience. Contact AC Pressure Washing LLC if you have any questions about our cleaning services, need more information, or want to schedule your next cleaning project.

Roof Cleaning

When doing a roof cleaning customers ask what the black streaks on there roof are. The scientific term is gloeocapsa magma. This growth is a type of bacteria that forms when algae spores group together. When it comes to black streaks on roofs many people shrug and think “it’s just dirt and grime”. The truth is, black streaks are almost always the result of blue-green algae, you can’t really judge black streaks as bad for your roof purely because of their color. Black streaks often quicken the deterioration process of a roof’s shingles. Most roofs only need one side cleaned. We do not treat areas that are not streaked . We aren’t in the business of over charging customers if there’s no need for treatment. Please call or message us for a free quote. We use our soft wash system to clean your roof and not a pressure washer. Any body that wants to us a pressure washer is bad news!